Molodechno papercutting school

The founder of Molodechno papercutting school was Victoria Chyrvontsava (1937-2014). Her extensive creative and pedagogical experience enabled the creation of well-founded teaching methodology of papercutting and curriculums for art schools and decorative and applied art departments of secondary specialized schools.

Molodechno papercutting school stands out for its expressiveness of the composition, ingenious stylization, quality of technique, laconism of images, usage of ancient traditional symbols, compliance with the rules of making patterns of cuttings in 3 sizes (large, medium, small).

Masters of Molodechno papercutting school rely on national cultural heritage, Belarusian traditional ornaments and symbols. The school is characterized by complex thematic compositions with a clear structure, image stylization and filigree ornaments.

Profound knowledge of the semantic meanings as separate elements of papercut composition as well as the main images is the guiding principle in creation of artwork.

There is a number typical themes: Belarusian holidays, mythological characters, national costumes, Belarusian architectural monuments, archetypal and ornamental symbolic images, traditional floral arrangements. Usage of individual characteristic elements, certain techniques and stylistic solutions distinguishes Molodechno papercutting school from artworks of other masters of Belarusian papercutting. But at the same time every master of the school has his own individual feature and stylization.

Papercuts of Molodechno school are used in printed products (postcards and book illustrations), as prints and embroidery on the cloth, in creation of landscape and interior design elements, graffiti, events decoration.


The materials are provided on the website solely for reference. Commercial copying and distribution without specifying the original source is prohibited.