Lizaveta Chyrvontsava was born in Molodechno, Minsk region, Belarus. In 1997 she graduated from Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. Her thesis project “Wheel of life” was the first papercut at the faculty of “Folk Crafts”.

She was accepted into The Belarusian Union of Folk Art Masters at the Union of Artists of Republic of Belarus in 1997. Since 2002 She has been a member of Belarusian Union of Masters of Folk Art as a master of papercutting.

Lizaveta inherited her mastery from her mother – Victoria Chyrvontsava who was an educator of a lot of masters of papercutting and weaving from straw.

Since 1998, Lizaveta Chyrvontsava has been working as an educator in the department “Decorative and Applied art” in Molodechno State College of Music named after M.K. Oginsky. She maintains and develops Molodechno School of papercutting. Lizaveta trained more than 120 specialists in decorative and applied art.


Lizaveta is a permanent participant (a prize-winner and a laureate) in city, regional, republican and international exhibitions, plain-airs and contests. In 1983 she started her exhibition activity. Her personal exhibitions: in 2011 year – “Mystery of myth”, in 2013 “Traditions and Modernity” (Molodechno, Belarus), in 2018 – “Journey of the soul” (Minsk, Belarus), in 2019 – “Look of the Past” (Bychow, Belarus).

Lizaveta Chyrvontsava was a state scholar in the field of culture and arts of Republic of Belarus in 2011 (the series of works “Belarusian mythology”).
In 2018 she was promoted to the rank of the national master of Belarus.

In Lizaveta’s works there is a number of typical themes: archetypal and ornamental symbolic images, mythological characters, Belarusian holidays, plot compositions. 

Authour’s style manifests in characteristic elements, technics, expressive image stylization.

The artist’s works are characterized by experimental solution with material, colour and type of design.

The works are in the funds of Minsk Regional Local History Museum (Belarus), «Zaslauje» Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve (Belarus), Byhau District Museum of Local History (Belarus), Dovmodedov  History and Art museum of Moscow region (Russia), The Museum of Adomas Petrauskas in Kupiskis (Lithuania), in personal collections in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, The USA, Japan and in other countries.


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