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Natalya Chervontseva

artist, teacher of decorative and applied art.

Born on June 25, 1964 in the city of Vileika, Belarus

1982 – 1987 studied at the Belarusian State University named after V.I Lenin, the philogical department (faculty)

1990-1995 studied at Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute, the art and graphic faculty.

Since 1996 – Teaching at the Department of Decorative and Applied Art, Molodechno State Musical School named after M.K Oginski, a teacher of drawing, painting and the theory of ornament (design)

1995 – Joined the Belarusian Union of Masters of folk Art.

1996 – Participant of the 1st National exhibition of folk art “The Evergreen Three of Handicraft” in Minsk.

2000 – Laureate of the 1st Republican holiday-competition of vycinanka “open-Work Fancies” in Minsk.

2001 – Participant of the exhibition “Open-Work Fancies” in Minsk.

2004 – State undergraduate in the sphere of culture and art. Series works “The World Tree”

2004 – Participant of the 5th International Art and Literature plein-air  in the town of Ruzhanostok, Poland.

2004 – Participant of the conference, devoted to the children’s creative work “Joy of Reflextion” Moscow. International centre of the Roerichs.

2005 – Participant of the republican exhibition “Paper World” in Minsk.

2005 – Participant of the exhibition, devoted to the pagan holiday “Calling of Spring”. The Museum of folk architecture and mode of life in Strochitsy (Minsk district)

2005 – Participation in the Festival of the Middle Age Culture in the Town of Masters. Loshitsa Park in Minsk.

2006 – Laureate of the 2nd national folk art exhibition “Living Streams” .Minsk.

2008 – Participation in the exhibition, devoted to the 10th anniversary of Decorative and Applied Art department of Molodechno State Musical School.

2008 – Participant of the exhibition “Belarussian and Polish vycinanka” Poland.

2009 – Participation of the exhibition “Belarusian and Polish vycinanka” , the town of Vreden in Germany.

2009 – Participation in the 2nd International symposium “The Art Conception and its Realization by Means of Cutting” Moscow.

2009 – Participation in the First International children’s  festival “Black on White” Moscow.

2010 – Laureate of the holiday-competition “Magic Scissors” in the Farmstead-Museum Dudutky Minsk region.

2010 – Participant of the international seminar “Vycinanka .Belarusian, Lithuanian and Russian experience” Minsk.


  1. The harmony Model “Mastatstva” 2000 № 7.Minsk
  2.  Vycinanka as phenomenon of spiritual culture of the Belarusian s.

“Culture and Time” 2003 №3 Moscow

  1. Cosmology of Vatslav Lastovsky.

(Materials of the science conference “By the Roads of Vatslav  Lastovsky”) 2008, Molodechno.  

    4. Traditions and Innovation (from the experience of teaching                  vycinanka) Materials of the 2nd International symposium.”The Art Conception and its Realization by Means of Cutting” the town of Domadedovo.2009