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Yelizaveta Chervontseva

artist, teacher of decorative and applied art.


Born on November 1,1975 inthe city ofMaladzyechna,Belarus. Has been doing vycinanka for more than 20 years, assumed this craftsmanship from her mother.


1993 – Accepted to the Union of Folk Masters under Belarusian Union of Artists as a Master of Folk Art (in vycinanka).


1997 – Graduated from Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts,Minsk, the Faculty of Folk Arts, graduation work: “Wheel of Life” (a series of vycinanka works).


Since 1998 – Teaching at the Department of Decorative and Applied Art,MaladzyechnaStateMusicalSchoolnamed after M-K.Oginski.


Since 2002 – Member of the BelarusianUnionof Masters of Folk Art (Master of Vycinanka).


Participates regularly in the Republican Exhibition of Modern Folk Art “Christmastide Patterns” and in other local, regional, republican and international exhibitions and competitions.


Her works appear in the funds of Minsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, Maladzyechna (Belarus), State History and Culture Museum-Preserve “Zaslawye”, Minsk Region (Belarus), and in private collections in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Japan, etc.



- International Seminar on Vycinanka “Vycinanka Masters’ Experience”;

- Republican Exhibition of Modern Belarusian Art “Earth under White Wings”;

- 2nd Republican Holiday-Competition of Vycinanka “Magic Scissors”;


- International Exhibition “Belarusian, Polish and Lithuanian Vycinanka” (Verdun,Germany);

- International Exhibition of Dolls “Silk Heart”;

- 16th Republican Exhibition of Modern Folk Art “Christmastide Patterns”;


- International Exhibition “Belarusian and Lithuanian Vycinanka” (MuseumofFolk Art,Otrębusy,Poland);

- Republican Exhibition-Competition of Vycinanka “Paper World”;

- 2nd Republican Festival-Folk Crafts Fair “Spring Bouquet”;


-MinskRegional Competition of Vycinanka “Magic Scissors”;


- Laureate of the 2nd National Folk Art Exhibition “Springs of Life”;

- 1st Regional Holiday-Competition “Paper Laces”;


- Republican Exhibition “Paper World”;

- Visual Art Exhibition “Ray of Light” (Gallery ofBelarusianStateUniversityof Culture and Arts,Minsk);


- 7th Republican Review Competition of Methodical and Creative Works by Teachers of Educational Institutions of Culture and Arts (higher-level diploma);


- Exhibition of Contemporary Dolls “We Emerge from Childhood” (merit certificate issued by the Belarusian Culture Foundation);


- Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students “Masters and Apprentices” (Raubichi,MinskRegion);


- International Exhibition “INTERDESIGN -2001”;